PINKS! The complete buildup as performed by Landys Performance Day 7

Thursday July 19th I put the car on the trailer and brought it over to Vic at 1st Class Auto Restorations in Farmingdale NJ. Vic pulled out all the stops to get us in the paint booth. 1970 Camaro Red was quickly applied. Vic had already glued the nose back together a day before. Really. By late afternoon the car looked good, well it looked better anyway. Bob Gamache from came to letter the car with all of the sponsors logos.

A note: During all of this Frank one of my closest friends, stepped up to be my partner. His help in this project went beyond the physical build. Frank was the guy banging on the doors of the performance industry to get some financial backing. While I tend to focus on the mechanical end of things, Frank completes the package by putting the political ducks in a row. He always has a cool head, even when I'm ranting and bitching about this or that, Frank tends to see things in a more positive light. That is something that is invaluble to me.

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