PINKS! The complete buildup as performed by Landys Performance Day 2

Saturday morning July 15th. I got to the shop at 6.00 AM. I looked at the bruised, battered and beaten Camaro with sad eyes. I could see that at one time this car was strong and proud. I pulled up a chair and had a little talk with the car. The Camaro responed with resounding candor by begging me to give her a shot at glory. Enter the REAL A Team.

Brian, Dan, Chip, Todd, Gaspare, Frank, no particular order....we all looked at each other and questioned ourselves. Should we even try? Yes we should.....PINKS! was on the way, I told Steve to put the engine and trans together, set up a NOS Nitrous system and we tore into it. By 7.00 PM the car had new brakes, the rearend was rebuilt, the wiring was torn out, the windows were being made, the roll cage was updated with a new side bar and we moved the seat back and made a new cross bar. The car had gotten all of us in it's grasp and would not let go. When the guys from PINKS! got to the shop, we must have looked like we spent a month on Devils Island. Then the cameras started to roll. While I signed my life away with Nate, Kevin, the camera man for the evening filmed Madman Mark who kept everybody entertained by screaming up and down the normally quiet streets in front of my shop with full 1/4 mile passes. Inside, everything started to get real. Steve asked me outside to go over the details. The price the owner of the car wanted, how much the engine was going to cost, the trans, head was spinning when Porky hit me with the mother of all questions.....He asked if he could drive the car. We negotiated the seat in exchange for the engine and tuning help. Steve has got what it takes in both talent and attitude to get the job done and, this would rid me of some of the burden.

Back in the office, we finished all of the paperwork then Nate told me he needed to set me up with a michroprone and set up a spot to interview me in the shop using the Camaro as a backround. With all of my guys standing around me on both sides, Nate started the interview. I have not been put on the spot like that, no prep whatsoever but, I think it turned out OK.

Adam Landolfi

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