Landys Performance LS-1 Engineering EFI Design&Tuning

Landys Performance is very pleased to offer our LS Performance Engines and EFI Design and Tuning to the public! We have been developing our LS program with the best in the business and now you can reap the benifits of our research and over fifty years in the business of building the best performing combinations. If you've got a tired old musclecar that doesn't run good in cold weather, fouls plugs, or you've seen the articles written about EFI engine swaps and wondered where to go to get the work done. Look no further than Landys Performance. We have many combos to choose from and can fill the needs of the guy looking for a pump gas street avenger or a twin turbo 7 second track car. Give us a call today to discuss your needs, wants, and dreams!

We have CNC ported heads ready for installation. We can also custom design heads to any spec.

Our EFI Design & Tuning program is also available for all levels of power.

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