Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Race Car Grand Am Cup SCCA

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Race Car Grand Am Cup SCCA

Price: $22,500


This car was campaigned in Grand Am Cup endurance series in 2004 and qualified 2nd at Daytona! It had many updates and revisions through out the year. It has a fresh blueprinted engine with Grand Am spec Hot cam and LS6 intake. It comes with Kooks headers going into a custom y-pipe and exiting through a single 4" exhaust. The engine has a 3Qt AccuSump sytem to make sure that the engine is always feed by oil. The car comes with a Motec Engine Management System. Motec is worth 65-70 hp at the wheels. When last dynoed, the car made 360 rwhp and 380 ft pd of torque. The clutch and trans are new 2 races ago with a lightweight Exedy clutch and flywheel(Grand Am Spec). All this was purchased from Rockland Standard Gear. It comes with an aluminum driveshaft and new one race ago rear end with electric pump and rear end oil cooler. Brakes are Wildwood 6 piston fronts with 12.9" rotors and stock rear calipers. These are controlled through the stock ecm to retain full ABS functions. The cockpit has an adjustable brake bias. The alternator and battery were replaced one race ago. The car comes with Penske 8100 series double adjustable shocks in all 4 corners. They were just rebuilt by Penske and revalved with no races on them since the rebuild. The master cylinder and brakes were all replaced 2 races ago and have built in rear brake delay valve with residual brake line valves for all four wheels. Both front and rear calipers have quick disconnect brake lines so you don't have to bleed the brakes after removal. The drivers side has extensive insulation on the floor with aluminum floor pan and stock style tilt steering wheel for quick driver changes. The steering wheel was upgraded to a Momo brand to inhance control and comfort.The passenger compartment comes with Grand Am Spec weight box and onboard quick access Fire Extinguisher system that has a nozzle located in the drivers compartment, engine compartment and fuel cell compartment. There is a newly installed 20 gallon ATL fuel cell with a Bosch fuel pump and filter. It has the Grand Am dry break fuel nozzle. With this size tank the car will run 3 hours without a pitstop! The car comes with a window net, custom seat belts and a super lightweight OMP Kevlar Carbon driverís seat. The car comes with Grand Am spec rollcage with Nascar drivers door bars. All four sides have built in jack posts. The rear of the car has Nascar style adjustable jack plates and the front has threaded coilover shocks. The driverís compartment has a programmed shift light with built in tach. Also included is oil pressure, water temp, oil temp and fuel pressure gauges. The fuel cell is enclosed with tin work and dzus fasteners.

I removed the tin work from the fuel cell area for the pictures. The car comes with many extra parts. I have extra coil over springs, brake pads, rotors, front hub and corvette master cylinder.

This car was built by Phoenix Performance out of Phoenixville PA. Here is a link. http://phoenixperformance.net/motorsports.html

The car was purchased back in 03 by Mike Ellis. He is the one that campaigned this car in early 04. I bought this car about a year ago from him. My intentions were to race the car in a driving school that I am a member of. But unfortunately I did not have the time and do not see myself having the time to do so in the upcoming year. The car is ready to race in any event as is. But to be competitive I would suggest a fresh set of tires. If your looking for a solid and safe car to compete in or just use for club racing (SCCA, EMRA) this is the car for you. If you just add up the Motec Engine Management, Fresh Motor, Transmission, Penske coil over shocks, Rear and all the safety features you will see that you can not even build a car of this stature for twice my asking price. The car does have nicks and scrapes like any race car does so donít expect to find a cream puff of a car. Like I said this car is solid and ready for a podium finish. This car will fit into 1998-2002 specs. The car does not have a vin tag and is not street legal. Off Road use only. The car will come with a bill of sale. Phoenix did not furnish a title to this car. If you have any questions , then please email me at fmadar@hotmail.com.

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