1986 "Dick Gulfstrand" built Monte Carlo SS

1986 "Dick Gulfstrand" built Monte Carlo SS

Price: $15,500
Contact information: Wayne 250-658-4222, wscraba@telus.net


1986 Monte Carlo SS by Dick Gulstrand. Rear is mini-tubbed (properly Šand rather nicely done). Rear frame has been cut, ³Cıd² and welded back together with boxing plates and bracing (also nicely done). Has an exquisite, custom-fabbed round tube Torque Arm (more like the long Camaro-Firebird type), but with the forward mount on a set of rollers (the nose of the torque arm is round tubing) where the torque arm nose passes through. This allows the torque arm to move back and forth during suspension travel. Front mount is on a massive trans mount for the TH400. Unlike a Camaro, the torque arm is on the correct side ­ on the driverıs side of the tunnel. Engine, trans and pinion are offset slightly to the right. Rear has a hefty Watts linkage with 3/4-inch rod ends. The Watts linkage is mounted to a large bracket welded to the back end of the 9-inch housing. Thereıs an anti-roll bar on the back, (again with rod ends on the links). The anti-roll bar is actually smaller(diameter) than I might have guessed, but Gulstrand always did like heavier springs and smaller bars. Rear shocks are new Bilsteins.

Rear is a 9-inch Ford, with a nodular center section and a pinion support. Front is lowered, and has what look to be Caprice knuckles. Car has custom springs (front and rear). Front is extremely low, and there is plenty of camber in the wheel alignment. The car has ZR1 Corvette brakes all the way around (hence the use of 17-inch wheels). It also has an adjustable Wilwood proportioning valve in the engine compartment. All flex lines are AN braided. Gas tank is a stainless custom job with a Holley blue electric pump and AN hose. Back tires are P335-35-17ıs. Back wheels are 17X11ıs. Front tires are P245-40-17ıs. Front wheels are 17X9ıs. Wheels are high end multi-piece Etolleıs. Floor pan behind the front bench seat on the passenger side (right rear) has been cut and sectioned, then pieced back together, this allows the exhaust to fit under the car (dual turbos), with sufficient clearance for road use. It exits ahead of the axle.

Engine is a 388-inch TRACO-built small block. Chevy Phase 6 aluminum heads, Edelbrock Victor Jr., Holley double pumper with choke horn removed. MSD ignition (complete 6 setup with soft touch, coil , distributor, etc.). Harmonic damper is fully degreed. Uses NASCAR style breathers. Has a huge remote oil filter mounted on the rad support.

Trans is an Art-Carr built TH 400, Uses #6 AN braided line for the cooler and is column shifted.

Car has absolutely zero rust. Photos show the paint damage (chips, scratches). Paint is original GM, Needs paint. The body is very straight. Glass is perfect. Interior needs door panels, and maybe a dash center trim piece (stereo install). Balance of interior is good to excellent. Steering column is tight. Doors donıt droop when opened.

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