10.5" Tire F-Body Build Up Pt. III

This is the 10.5 Firebird started last year. The nice thing about Landys Performance is that we understand that as much as we would like to have an unlimited supply of cash/credit or green stamps, more often than not, there is not! We took some time off of this project which is a collaboration between a Landys part time employee part time student, Joe, and Adam. While Joe had some time off (one week) and Adam was feeling generous, the car has come to life.

With a fresh 565 - T-400 - MW Third Member and all the tuff stuff holding it in, Adam did the first of many three gear burnouts. You have to know our shop and where it's located to appriciate that!

The wiring is done. The fuel system, engine plates, headers, brakes etc are done. Whats left?

The car is getting all glass glass. We want to start heavy as the car will have a Student Driver in the cockpit this year. After some shakedown passes, Adam will handoff driving duties to Joe. Joe still has not driven anything down the 1320. This could be a "you had to see it to believe it" deal.

BTW- this exact engine combo is available from Landys with very little lead time. This is a 950 HP combo on muscle and will take a shot of spray. Available for the right price.....do not hesitate to contact us.

Check in often for updates and feel free to contact us regarding your Muscle Car needs.

Thank you, Adam Landolfi

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