10.5" Tire F-Body Build Up Photo Page

This is a car being built by Landy's as a shop project. The owner, Joe Arena, is building this sweet piece as his first racecar. Joe works at Landy's part time and is earning his Engineering degree full time.

What we are building is a car that can be upgraded. Starting with a 1979 Trans Am, Joe completely disassembled the car, sandblasted it, installed all TRZ control arms, coil overs, Wilwood Rack and Pinion, Wilwood Disc Brakes, a Chrome Moly roll cage that will certify to 8.50 and a Handmade 9" ford housing with a MW thirdmember and Pro Mod style Four Link.

Being as this is his first racecar, Joe will creep up on both the Horsepower and therefore the E.T.'s. Building the car this way ensures that the car will be safe, will not break the bank and because it was built with going faster in mind, will upgrade to 7.50 easily and take all the horsepower we throw at it.

With the fabrication complete, we can start on the plumbing for the brakes, which we will cover on this site as well as the fuel system, wiring and eventually paint. You will be able to follow along with this build right up until it get's to the racetrack.

The great thing about this build....Joe has never made a pass down the 1/4 mile in any kind of car. Should be interesting!

A special thanks to Farrid, owner of Farks Supercars in brooklyn NY for getting this F Body rolling. Farks has been instrumental in the sucess of many of Adam Landolfi's racecars over the years.

Congrat's also goes out to his son George. Look out for this kid, he's right behind you!

Check in often for updates and feel free to contact us regarding your Muscle Car needs.

Thank you, Adam Landolfi

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