Project Sleepin '67

This car is being built by Landy's Performance for a client who knows what he want's. What he want's is to have the best. He is prepared to go the distance on his dream ride.

With over one thousand horsepower on tap, he will be able to get to his desired cruising speed very quickly. Big brakes will get him stopped safely. A fully tried and true suspension combination will ensure that the car will turn left and right like a road race car.

We are keeping the car mostly stock in appearance. We have even managed to keep the stock six cylinder hood on the car.

By the way, this car was a car that was offered for sale about a year ago at In a variety of ways. We are going to be posting updates as the car comes along.

To keep from having any of our innovative ideas critiqued by the public, we reserve the right to keep the details to ourselves.

Maybe you can come down to our shop and see for yourself.

So as always....

Check in often for updates and feel free to contact us regarding your Muscle Car needs.

Thank you, Adam Landolfi

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