'48 Red Anglia

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This was the most successful racecar Coney Island Ralph campaigned.

"East Wind III" appropriately set three NHRA National Records in both ET and MPH in B/Gas. This was also the car that he was almost killed in at New York National Speedway when a parts chaser car crossed the track in front of him just past the finish line.

Ralph and Adam are recreating this car for nostalgia racing. The new car will be identical in appearance and performance. A 300" Small Block Chevy with Hilborn Injection and a traditional four speed, ten inch tires, straight axle and the famous 88" wheelbase. Adam will pilot the new car while "CI" signs the Tee-shirts! Build up progress can be seen as we go with weekly postings!

A note worth mentioning is that Power Shift Hydros which, can be seen on the quarter panels, was Vinny Tarantolas transmission shop. Eventually called Vitar. Ralph did set a record with the Hydro but, he was and still is a die hard stick shift racer. It wasn't long before the car was fitted with a third pedal. He never looked back. That is in no way a reflection on Vitar. Vinny Tarantolas transmissions were in more record setting cars than any other in that era. His innovations are in use today by every drag racer racing with an automatic whether they know it or not.

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